Pure Essense retail outlet in Taiwan

The debut launch of Pure Essense in Tapei, Taiwan in April 2010 was covered by all local media and created buzz and excitement. Pure Essense outlets are found in the Prestigious 101 building and Takashimiya department store

Taiwan outlet opening

Aug 2019 Oxley Family

To all at Gourmet Estate Tea Co.

We love your English Breakfast Tea. Have done so since coming across it interstate. Can’t Stop Drinking It Now!

with love and thanks

kind regards,

The Oxley Family

May 2016 Cheryl McMahon

On a recent stay at the “Royal Hotel” in Mornington I used a Gourmet Estate English Breakfast Tea bag. I was pleasantly surprised at what a nice cup of tea it was. I usually avoid tea bags, but these I’m happy to use.

Kind Regards, Cheryl McMahon